About Newhall Film Locations

Newhall Film is a southern California film location company overseeing thousands of acres of privately owned land.  With a long history in the film location business, Newhall Film is the best choice for your next production location. Just minutes from Los Angeles, many locations are within the 30-mile zone and all with ample space for parking and base camp. Newhall Film property includes canyons, meadows, fields, orchards, houses, buildings, dirt and paved roads. Whether you are looking for a barren desert or a grassy meadow Newhall Film can fulfill your film location needs.  Film property located both in Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Newhall Film is a subsidiary of The Newhall Land and Farming Company (Newhall Land).  Newhall Land is a premier community planner in north Los Angeles County. Its primary activities are planning the communities of Valencia and Newhall Ranch, which together form one of the nation’s most valuable landholdings, just 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

An integral part of the Santa Clarita Valley’s growth and vitality, the story of Newhall Land reaches back 130 years, when pioneer Henry Mayo Newhall purchased Rancho San Francisco - a 48,000 acre property rich with surrounding natural beauty. Since the land’s acquisition in 1875, the company has kept a single promise at its core: to maintain the utmost respect for the land it stewards. That promise has stood the test of time. Whether home to the Newhall family’s crops, orchards and ranching as it was in the early years, or later as home to Valencia families seeking a wonderful place to put down roots or businesses seeking to prosper, Henry Mayo Newhall’s prized rancho has always remained an enviable place to live and work.